Best handheld electric vacuum cleaners for computer 2024

VC 16 handheld electric vacuum cleaners

VC 16 handheld electric vacuum cleaners

Computers and laptops are essential and expensive devices found in almost every household. And if there’s one thing that can shorten the shelf life of these gadgets, it is dust finding its way into the components. The best handheld electric vacuum cleaners are designed to keep the keyboard and other parts of the computer free of dust and debris and allow your device to perform better and run for a long time.

Key things to look out for

Working life and charge time

The product working life typically varies from a blink-and-you’ll-miss it five minutes, all the way up to a more respectable 30 minutes.

The working life is directly related to the capacity of the battery. Under the same power, the larger the battery capacity, the longer the product can be used. So when you are judging a vacuum cleaner, the working time can also be used as a reference factor.

You should also consider how long it takes the vacuum cleaner to recharge, as some can take a whole day or more. At present, some portable vacuum cleaners on the market can control the charging time within 2 hours, which greatly improves its work efficiency. Make it more convenient for users. In addition to the charging time, the following points need to be noted

  • Look for an indicator to let you know when the battery is running low, so you know if you’re short on cleaning time.
  • Some handheld vacuums come with a charging docking station (which can be fixed to the wall for easy storage), while more basic versions simply charge through a plug-in cord.


The main point of a handheld vacuum cleaner is convenience, so weight and size are of paramount importance. Handheld vacuum cleaners vary in weight, from about 0.5kg up to 2.5kg – although most are around 1.5kg.

If you buy a handheld vacuum cleaner in an offline store, you can pick it up on site to feel the weight and whether it is comfortable to operate; if you purchase it on an online website, you can check the weight parameters, the weight is less than 0.7kg Is the most portable.

Regarding the size, we believe that the smaller the better, as it is easy to place and store and does not take up space.

Dust capacity

At present, we see on the Internet that the dust cups brought by handheld electronic vacuum cleaners are very large, ranging from 0.7 liters to 2.1 liters. They are mainly used to clean cars. But the vacuum cleaner we recommend here is used to clean the dust on the computer, unlike the large pieces of debris and garbage on the car, the computer is a small dust, accounting for the dust cup volume is very small. So do not consider using a very large dust cup, about 200ml-300ml is enough.

Best Budget-Friendly: Kinzir VC43 handheld electric vacuum cleaner

Traditional can cleaner, $14.99 for three bottles on Amazon. But we know that cleaning a desktop computer can only be used 2-3 times a bottle at most. But if we pay double the price to buy a Kinzir VC43 vacuum cleaner, it can be used at least 500 times, each time lasting about 30 minutes. Obviously, if you are very concerned about the price of the product, then the choice of handheld electric vacuum cleaners for computer is very wise.


Kinzir VC43 air duster & vacuum cleaner 2 in 1

battery capacity: 2000mAh*3pcs;

Motor speed:3Speeds (40,000RRPM/ 46,000RPM/ 50,000RPM)

Working Time:  30mins(1st Gear), 20mins(2nd Gear),   15mins (3rd Gear)

Charging Time: About 2 hours (5V–3A)

Net Weight: 0.9Ib


With the same parameters as other products, its price is budget-friendly. At the same time, it is equipped with a total of 6 different nozzles, so the feature of its multi-function also makes this product more competitive.

Best Suction Power: Kinzir VC16 handheld electric vacuum cleaner

When choosing a handheld electric vacuum cleaner for computer, many people will also judge the quality of the product by its suction power. The suction power is approximately larger and the vacuum cleaner is more efficient in use. Kinzir handheld electric vacuum cleaner has the characteristics of high suction power. The battery capacity is 7500mAh and it is equipped with a brushless motor, so its maximum suction power can reach 12kpa. This suction power is very easy to clean the dust on the computer.12kpa is a real testing data.

So when you are sourcing a electric vacuum cleaners for computer with strong power, you can check its suction power compared with 12kpa. If it meet this situation, then it’s also a best handheld electric vacuum cleaner for computer.

Best Overall: Kinzir VC40 handheld electric vacuum cleaner

While we are pursuing a affordable handheld electric vacuum cleaner for computer, we also need it with strong power. Is there a best-of-both-worlds mold that meets this requirement? The answer is yes. It is Kinzir VC40 handheld electric vacuum cleaner. If you want a low price, then the product configuration such as motor, battery, etc. will be low level so that products can be sold at a low cost. If you want one with strong power, the configuration needs to be higher, so the price will be relatively expensive. But now the kinzir  VC40 electronic vacuum cleaner solves this problem.It retains the brushless motor, which has a higher speed and can produce greater suction power. But with 6000mAh battery capacity to reduce the cost. Therefore, the price of the entire product is only 30% higher than that of the best budget-friendly VC43, but the suction power can reach 80% of that of the best suction power VC16. So Kinzir VC40 become the best choice for most people that are sourcing a best handheld electric vacuum cleaners.

Where to buy a handheld electric vacuum cleaner for computer

When buying a handheld vacuum cleaner, make sure you’re handing your money over to a reputable seller. Check the retailer’s returns policy and pay attention to customer feedback and reviews. For more details on shopping online safely and arranging refunds for faulty products, see our advice on shopping online.


Amazon – has hundreds of handheld vacuum cleaners in stock, but check the listing carefully – some products may not be UK models. You should also try to stick to products that are fulfilled by or sold by Amazon if you can, it’s much easier to resolve issues if something goes wrong. – stocks a small range of handheld vacuum cleaners, all of which can be delivered for free and returned within 100 days if you’re not happy with it. promises to price match other UK retailers and you can decide to opt for a finance plan rather than buying outright. also impresses in our annual survey of home appliances retailers. Chinese factory specializing in vacuum cleaners, so you can get the best price. And you can find 3 best vacuum cleaners listed above in this website.


Looking for a best handheld electric vacuum cleaner for your computer, it depends on your requirement, like the low price, strong power or a one with best value for money. You can compare your most important considerations based on the fact that all other parameters of the products are the same. Then you will choose a best one for yourself.



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