Permanent Magnet Brushless MotorBrushless hight speed motor

A brushless motor is a type of electric motor that uses electromagnetic induction to generate the rotational movement of the motor's rotor. Unlike a traditional brushed electric motor, which uses brushes to transfer electrical current to the rotor, a brushless motor uses permanent magnets on the rotor and an electronic controller to control the flow of current to the motor's windings.


There are several key differences between brushed and brushless motors. One of the main differences is the way that electrical current is delivered to the motor. In a brushed motor, electrical current...

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environmentally friendly materialEco-friendly materials are materials that are designed and produced with the environment in mind. These materials are often made from natural or renewable resources, and they are produced in a way that minimizes their impact on the environment. These materials can be used in a wide range of products. The use of eco-friendly materials can help reduce pollution and waste and promote sustainable practices in manufacturing and consumption.


Examples of eco-friendly materials include bamboo, organic cotton, and recycled plastic. These materials can be used in a wide range of products, from clothing and home decor to building materials and automotive parts...


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KINZIR, the world's leading air duster provider, offers high-quality products and perfect technological solutions, making us a reliable partner for our customers. With well-trained workers and senior R&D staff, we also provide a large amount of OEM/ODM services to clients. We also have a series of test machines, such as an insertion & extraction life test machine, key life test machine, double arm test machine, and transportation vibration testing machine, to ensure the quality of our products.

Our products have been approved by CE, ROHS, FCC, and PSE. Our warehouses are located in Asia, Europe, and North America, allowing us to quickly deliver products to our customers. Similarly, our after-sales outlets are also located in these areas, making it convenient for customers to return or exchange goods. If you want to become one of our franchisees, please contact us.

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