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The 135th Canton Fair Post Show Report from Kinzir: Gain Insights into Kinzir’s Performance and Achievements at One of the World’s Largest Trade Events

The first and second phases of the 135th Canton Fair Spring 2024 (April 15-19 and April 23-27) were successfully held at the Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China—Asia’s largest modernized exhibition center. Kinzir, China’s leading electric air duster manufacturer, participated as an exhibitor. Discover Kinzir’s achievements and performance at this premier global trade event.

Kinzir’s Feedback Report on Canton Fair

Kinzir attended phase 1 of the canton fair (April 15-19, 2024) and is satisfied with the exhibiting effect. Kinzir achieved remarkable success at this year’s Canton Expo, solidifying its position as a leading bulk wholesale electric duster provider in China. With a total of 208 prospective clients showing interest, Kinzir demonstrated its strong market presence and international appeal during the canton trade fair.

Canton Fair Post Show Report from Kinzir

The client distribution highlighted the global reach of Kinzir’s products:

  • 40% of the interested clients hailed from Asia, underscoring the brand’s strong foothold in the regional market.
  • European clients comprised 20% of the prospective customer base, reflecting Kinzir’s growing influence in the European market.
  • The Middle East contributed 10%, and Japanese and Korean markets accounted for 7%, indicating effective penetration into these diverse markets.
  • The remaining 23% of prospects came from other regions, showcasing Kinzir’s worldwide appeal.

Kinzir’s Feedback Report on Canton Fair

Among the showcased products, the VC16 and VC43 vacuum cleaners were identified as the best-selling models, followed by the AD57 air blower and the S1 cleaning brush, emphasizing the effectiveness and popularity of Kinzir’s diverse product range.

Canton Fair 2024 Post Show Report

Additionally, the Guangzhou fair was marked by a significant prospective transaction on-site involving the S1 cleaning brush and the AD33 model, highlighting the direct impact of Kinzir’s participation in the event.

Overall, Kinzir’s performance at the Canton Fair 2024 was a testament to its excellence in the electric duster market and a clear indicator of its potential for further growth and expansion in the international arena.

Canton Fair 2024 Post Show Report

The 135th Canton Fair, hosted in Guangzhou, has continued to showcase its influence and importance in global trade. The fair’s first phase, conducted from April 15 to 19, included exhibition areas focused on a variety of industry sectors such as Consumer Electronics and Information Products, Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Equipment, General Machinery, Basic Mechanical Parts, Power Machinery, and Electric Power, Machinery Processing Equipment, Construction Machinery, Agricultural Machinery, Electronic and Electrical Products, Hardware, and Tools. This phase drew 12,911 exhibitors for the offline exhibition, with 3,856 participating for the first time.

The event attracted 125,440 overseas buyers from 212 countries and regions, a 23.2 percent increase from last year. According to official Canton Fair data, the event attracted 7.33 million visitors, 90 percent international attendees.

The second phase of the fair concluded on April 27, 2024, with the third phase scheduled to commence on May 1. The Canton Fair Spring 2024 has been bustling with activity at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. By April 27, the fair had welcomed 191,928 overseas buyers from 214 countries and regions, a 22.1% rise in attendance compared to the same period of the previous session. This continued increase in participation highlights the Canton Fair’s vital role in enhancing international trade and economic interactions.

For more information, please visit the canton fair online from the canton fair official website:

Canton Fair 2025

Mark your calendars for the upcoming editions of the Canton Fair, the premier trade fair held twice a year in Guangzhou, China. This massive event showcases various industries and products, attracting exhibitors and buyers worldwide.

Edition Phase Focus Dates
136th Autumn 2024 Phase 1 Electronics and Lighting October 15-19, 2024
Phase 2 Consumer Goods and Ceramics October 23-27, 2024
Phase 3 Textiles and Medical Products October 31-November 4, 2024
137th Spring 2025 Phase 1 Electronics and Lighting April 15-19, 2025
Phase 2 Consumer Goods and Ceramics April 23-27, 2025
Phase 3 Textiles and Medical Products May 1-5, 2025

Each session of the Canton Fair is strategically divided into three phases to cater to different industry sectors, ensuring a comprehensive and organized experience for all participants. Whether you are a seasoned exhibitor, a new entrepreneur, or a keen buyer, the Canton Fair is the place to connect with international markets, discover new products, and forge business relationships.

Join us at the next Canton Fair in 2025 and meet Kinzir, the leader in electric air dusters! Explore our innovative products and OEM services firsthand and discover how we can help expand your business. We look forward to seeing you there!



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