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Best electric computer duster-AD17C

I really hate to say that which one is the better and which one is worse. I do believe that exist are valuable. But sometime, it’s just not my choice to make, there are many friends like to say: tell me the best electric computer duster. Ok… so that’s how this post comes.

When we it comes to choose the best electric computer duster, we have to evaluate the duster from the design, the specification and to the package. 1st the design, it is foldable type, make it easier to store. Quality materials make sure the item with better tactile impression. LED light, make sure you find the dust well. The operate panel on the back, so you can manage it well with everything within your sight. The anti-slippery design on the handle, making sure you won’t drop it. 1 meter long charge cable makes you easier to find place to charge it. 2nd the parameters:  BLDC motor, battery Capacity :15000mAh (6pcs*2500mAh), working time up to 1 hour, motor speed up to 90,000rpm, for an electric computer duster it’s really super . Total 6 nozzles, make sure it’s multifunctional, not only to be a duster but also powerful enough to accomplish other tasks in life. For example: blowing an air bed, a yoga ball, blowing away the leaves in your backyard and so on. 3rd, it’s the package of this item. It’s with 5-layers color box, very thick looks, looks very authentic, and makes it a decent gift for your friends. One big cloth bag is included in the package, so you have a special space for your duster, no worries for the missing.

Best electric computer duster

Best electric computer duster




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