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Choosing an electric air duster for keyboard cleaning

electric air duster for keyboard cleaning

electric air duster for keyboard cleaning

For a new generation human being, seems like it’s just so easy to be addicted to the electronics. But most of them are very expensive. In order to maintain it well, so we can use our previous ones longer, choosing an electric air duster for keyboard/ screen cleaning are a vital factors for that.

Speaking of cleaning the dust and debris on the keyboard or other parts of our electronics, it’s a real headache! Imagine the dust and debris that are hiding in the hard to reach gaps, it’s a nightmare! Thanks god for the intelligence of the one who creates the electric air duster for keyboard cleaning! It’s real something! With its powerful motor and precision nozzle, it blasts away dust and debris in seconds. Say goodbye to messy, ineffective cleaning methods and hello to a sparkling clean keyboard. Well done, people! We also know that before the electric air duster for keyboard cleaning there is another type of cleaner- can of compressed air. We are not saying it’s not good, but it’s just not so perfect. No matter what brand you choose it always with bad smells, it’s one- time using not eco-friendly, it’s costly no good to your money and so it’s not efficient. With an electric air duster for keyboard cleaning it’s just way more convenient and easier.

With so many choices in the market, how to choose one perfect electric air duster for keyboard cleaning? Don’t get it to complicated, 1st check with your budget, and then choose it in our store. If you want to choose one with lower price, AD33 AD35 can be very suitable for you. With total 6 nozzles, all of them in different sizes, and with 3 gears so you can control the wind well. With LED light, make sure there is no way for the dust and debris to hide even in the dark corners. If you are looking for one stronger wind, the AD12B AD17A may a good choice for you. With battery capacity up to 7500Mah, and BLDC motor, power speed up to 90,000rpm, save your time to do the cleaning. Why not? And if you just want the most powerful one without budget limit, AD17C no doubt is just born for you. Very cool design and confortable tactile impression, you deserve it.

So choosing an electric air duster for keyboard cleaning now, your life will change for it.



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