Brushed Air Dusters/Air Duster & Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1/

Wholesale Electric Duster For PC, 50,000 RPM, 5000PA VC12A


  • Motor:                                                      Brush, Max to 60,000RPM, 1Gear
  • Battery capacity:                                             6000mAh (3*2000mAh)
  • Working time:                                                 30mins
  • Charging time:                                                 5hours(5V-3A input)
  • Vacuum Degree:                                             5Kpa
  • Vacuum cup capacity:                                    150ml


  • High Power Cheap Air Duster
    This is a multi-functional version of pc duster. Adopted to the newest hurricane super motor, its rotating speed increased to 50,000 RPM.


  • Air Blower & Mini Vacuum 2-in-1
    Added to advanced 2-in-1 technology of blowing and suction. This air duster is really helpful for you to not only blow the dust away but also to suck them in, keeping the surface free of dirt.


  • Rechargeable Computer Keyboard Electronics Cleaner
    This electric air duster comes with 6000mAh rechargeable batteries, offering you with 10W fast charging facility. It can be fully charged within only 3 hours, saving ample time.


  • No More Compressed Air Can
    This duster blower is really a great replacement for a compressed air can. It can be used thousands of times, resulting in saving a lot of money on compressed air cans.


  • Portable & Multipurpose
    Since this air dust vacuum is cordless and compact, you can carry it anywhere for multipurpose cleaning. 

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If you’re a PC enthusiast or professional, you know how important it is to keep your computer components free of dust and debris. Dust can clog up your fans and air vents, causing your system to overheat and potentially damaging your hardware. That’s why many PC users turn to electric duster for pcs to keep their computers clean.

Electric dusters, also known as electric blowers, are powerful devices that use electricity to produce a strong blast of air. These devices can effectively remove dust and debris from your PC components, including your fans, heat sinks, and air vents. They are an essential tool for any PC user who wants to keep their system running smoothly and prolong the life of their hardware.

One of the main benefits of electric dusters for PCs is their power. These devices can produce a strong and continuous blast of air, unlike traditional canned air dusters that can lose pressure over time. This means you can quickly and easily remove stubborn dust and debris from your PC components without worrying about losing pressure or running out of air.

Another benefit of electric dusters for PCs is their convenience. Electric dusters can be recharged and used multiple times, making them more cost-effective than traditional canned air dusters. Additionally, they don’t produce any harmful chemicals or propellants, making them an eco-friendly choice for cleaning your PC components.

When shopping for an electric duster for your PC, there are several factors to consider. Look for a model with a powerful motor and a rechargeable battery, as this will ensure that the device is powerful enough to effectively clean your PC components and that it can be recharged and used multiple times.

You’ll also want to consider the size and shape of the nozzle. A small and narrow nozzle can help you target tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas, while a larger nozzle can provide a wider blast of air for cleaning larger components.

Overall, an electric duster is a must-have tool for any PC user who wants to keep their system running smoothly and extend the life of their hardware. By choosing a high-quality model with a powerful motor and a rechargeable battery, you can ensure that you have a reliable and effective tool for all your PC cleaning needs.



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