Kinzir Exhibition

KINZIR Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show-HONGKONG (Asia World-Expo),  17-04-2023

Kinzir is a manufactory which specialized in air dusters & vacuum cleaners. we are driven to transform your ordinary into the extraordinary. Our aim is to infuse your every day with innovative products that let you do more and be more, at every step. We create things that maximize your potential, and let you do more with your time. And what’s more, we make sure you look great doing it! Kinzir is committed to its belief of using the latest innovations to bring you amazing solutions that make your home, office, car clean & comfortable.

Our range of products is carefully designed to suit your needs. Every product we create is a promise of quality to you.

KINZIR exhibition

KINZIR exhibition

KINZIR exhibition

KINZIR exhibition



Time: 11-Oct-23 to 14-Oct-23

ADD: AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong SAR

NO. 9D24



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