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Wholesale Electric Air Duster Brushless AD31 90,000RPM with LED Light for Camping, Outdoor

  • Motor: Brushless, Max to 90,000RPM, 3Gears
  • Battery capacity:7500mAh (3*2500mAh)
  • Working time:Max to 30mins
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours(5V-3A input)
  • Air Pressure:10KPa
  • Multifunctional Nozzles: Includes five nozzles for diverse applications, such as cleaning, inflating swimming rings, and sealing vacuum bags.
  • Three Adjustable Gears: Offers customizable airflow settings to suit different tasks and materials.
  • Extended Battery Life: Features a powerful 5400mAh battery for longer operational periods.
  • Certified Safety: Meets multiple international standards including CE, RoHS, FCC, KC, and PSE.
  • Integrated LED Light: Enhances visibility for precise operation in low-light conditions.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, perfect for camping, beach activities, and barbecues.
  • Wholesale Availability: Offered directly from the manufacturer with options for OEM and ODM services, ensuring competitive pricing and customization.
  • Portable and Rechargeable: Compact design for easy transport and rechargeable for repeated use without the need for disposable batteries.

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Revitalize your product offerings with the Kinzir AD31, crafted by the leading wholesale electric air duster manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. Kinzir specializes in OEM and ODM services, ensuring top-tier, customizable solutions for diverse business needs.

Your Ultimate Outdoor Companion

  • Multifunctional Design: The AD31 can handle various outdoor and camping needs. It includes five innovative nozzles: a standard blowing nozzle for quick clean-ups, a brush nozzle for sensitive equipment, a nozzle tailored for easy inflation of swimming rings, a vacuum nozzle perfect for sealing vacuum bags, and a versatile nozzle for inflating air beds and mattresses.
  • Adjustable Airflow: With three gear settings, the AD31 can be finely tuned to match the specific needs of your outdoor activities, whether inflating camping gear or cleaning barbecue grills.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Powered by a 5400mAh battery, the AD31 ensures prolonged use, making it ideal for extended trips where power sources are scarce. It can work up to half an hour with one charge.
  • Certifications for Safety: AD31’s certifications from CE, RoHS, FCC, KC, and PSE guarantee its safety and reliability for international markets, enabling it to comply with global standards confidently.
  • LED Light Feature: Thanks to its integrated LED light, you can navigate the dark easily during nighttime camping or late outdoor gatherings. This enhances visibility for precise cleaning and operation.

Ideal for Various Outdoor Scenarios:

  • Camping: Keep your camping site clean and tidy, inflate air mattresses, and vacuum seal leftovers easily.
  • Beach Activities: Quickly inflate swimming rings, air beds, or other beach accessories.
  • Barbecues: Effortlessly remove ash and debris from your grill, ensuring a clean surface for each use.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Utilize the AD31 for emergency inflation or cleaning needs during outdoor adventures.

As a dedicated manufacturer, Kinzir is excited to offer the AD31 at competitive wholesale prices. We encourage B2B buyers to reach out and obtain an immediate quote customized to your specific requirements regarding quantity and destination.

More Details About AD31

Easy to Use

Hold 5s to turn it on, press once to level-2 airflow, twice to level-3 airflow, and a third press to turn it off.

15W Super Charging

It takes only 3h to charge fully

User-friendly LED indicator design

5 Nozzles and Type-C Cable

Comes with 5 nozzles that surely meet any specific airflow you need.

Type-C cable in the package makes it more convenient and fast to charge.

Contact us today to place your wholesale order and elevate your business offerings in the outdoor and camping markets. Let the AD31 be a standout addition to your inventory, promising cleanliness and convenience in every outdoor setting.



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